Monday, July 5, 2010

Margaret Brown's husband, Howe, was a real trooper wasn't he? Here he is, assisting Margaret at her sales booth. Margaret was selling various items she had sewn, including doll clothes made from paper doll fabric and hats for paper doll fans. When I took this photo Howe was dutifully putting name labels on the backs of tickets for the raffle. And believe me, he had to put on LOTS of labels. Notice---he is wearing a hat made from paper doll fabric. I really considered buying one but I was afraid it would mess up my hair. And we couldn't have THAT could we??

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  1. My family happen to be staying at the hotel during your convention. We came from California to surprise my mother-in-law for her 93 birthday. I remember seeing Howe in the lobby and I thought what a supportive husband being there and being in the spirit wearing his cute hat.I hadn't thought of paperdolls in 40 years and wondered if I still had them. Well yesterday guess what I found in my garage? My box of all my paper dolls! Boy did it bring back happy memories. I found my favorite doll Buffy and Mrs. Beasly. I got them when my dad was away for a month working and I was missing him really bad. Buffy and Mrs. Beasly were a great comfort during that time. I also had my Archie dolls. I had fun last night sorting through them. I was wondering if you are going to have the convention next year at the same time and place? We plan on going back again to spend time with my mother-in-law for her 94th birthday. Please email me at so I can plan to attend the convention. Thanks!