Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It seems like I am always rushed when it comes to the raffle. With the sales room being open in three shifts and since I was helping with the competition, I never had much time to browse through the items. So this is what I did: Since there were 30 stickers with my names on them I bought $30 worth of tickets. Somehow I thought that that would buy me 30 tickets, but no I got lots more than that because I ran out of stickers. My friend Judy Anderson wrote my name on the rest of them. Then Judy watched my booth while I went back to place the stickers in the little bags. After a quick overview I decided on three things: The complete set of boxed "Ginghams," A Shirley Temple paper doll with outfits from "The Wizard of Oz." (I know, I know, she wasn't IN that movie but it's a fun concept anyway) and a collection of paper dolls done by Diana Vining. So, I took HALF of my tickets and dropped them in the Gingham's bag, and then I divided the rest between the Shirley set and the Diana Vining collection. And that's how I won the two items pictured! When they called my name out for winning 17 boxes of Ginghams (one double) I jumped up out of my chair and woo-hoooed. That was definitely the most excited I have ever been about winning a raffle item at a convention. Oh, and I almost forgot! There were 138 items in the raffle!

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